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The Vow : Diabetic or Just Fat?

Are you trying to make me diabetic or just fat?

The Vow : In Her Mind..!

Sonia: Ex-fiance Jeremy?
Leo: Oh! No, no! In her mind, it’s current fiance Jeremy.

The Vow : My Hands

My hands remembered what my mind forgot

The Vow : Ready To Leave

I was ready to leave. Then one afternoon, I was alone at the house and I started looking at the pictures of you and your sister. And the house seems to be filled with us. I realized that is the important moment in my life and I couldn’t just go

The Vow : Powers Of Observation

You have impressive powers of observation

The Vow : For The First Time

I want to ask you out on a date like two people who are just meeting for the first time.

The Vow : Have it All?

Didn’t we almost have it all? The nights we held on til the morning, u know you’ll never love that way again.. didn’t we almost have it all?