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Men In Black III : Most Destructive Force?

You know what the most destructive force in the universe is?  Regret.

Men In Black III : The Bitterest Truth!

The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie.

Men In Black III : A Miracle

A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway.

Men In Black III : That’s What Happens!

Agent J: Ladies and gentlemen if you will, look right here. Okay, you know how you’re on an airplane and the flight attendant asks you to turn your cell phone off? And you’re like ‘I ain’t turning by cell phone off, that don’t have nothing to do with no damn airplane.’ Well, this is what we get. (points to space junk/plane debris) That’s what happens, it gets up there and bounces around on the satellites and Blam! Just turn your damn cell phone off. Now you’re gonna drive off a cliff tonight because your GPS don’t work.

Men In Black III : I’m Black!

Agent J: And don’t assume the car is stolen just because a black man is driving… well, I stole this one.. but not because I’m black!

Men In Black III : It’s A Mess!

J: Crazy, right? Two men talking to the wall, wall taking back? It’s a mess. Hey, don’t worry about it.

Men In Black III : History Has Been Rewritten

Somehow history has been rewritten. There has to be a reason this is happening, and K seems to be a the center of it.