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Hotel Transylvania : That Was Pretty Sick Man!

Dracula: Sheep!

Griffin the Invisible Man: Woo High Five, Don’t Leave Me Hangin’!

Dracula: Ahh.. Lots of sheep!

Wayne: I Got This One! [Eat all sheep on the road, everyone stare at him] What, Now there’s no sheep on the road. Let’s Go!

Murray: That was pretty sick man!

Wayne: You Eat Lamb Chops, It’s The Same Thing!

Hotel Transylvania : Unbelievable!

On TV – Edward: Tell Me, Do you dream of being a Vampire?

Dracula : This is how we’re represented Unbelievable!

Hotel Transylvania : Our Monster Friends!

Dracula: This is Hotel Transylvania, all of our monster friends are right here. The mummy. Wayne the wolf, and your uncle Frank’s dropping in too.

Hotel Transylvania : Speaking Of Awesome!

Dracula: How did you find this place?!

Jonathan: Oh, I was just mountain climbing with some dudes and heard this story about and awesome castle. Speaking of awesome…That cape thing is killing it!

Hotel Transylvania : Don’t Give Me The Pouty Bat Face!

Mavis: Dad, everyone here is ancient. I wanna go out and see the world.
Dracula: Woh! Woh! Woh! Honey, you’re too young!
Mavis: I’m a hundred and eighteen years old.
Dracula: Don’t give me the pouty bat face.

Hotel Transylvania : Most Disgusting Thing!

Dracula:  Never return!

Jonathan: Wait! You mean, never return to the hotel?

Dracula:  But I just erased your memory! You looked straight into my eyes!

Jonathan: Oh, maybe it’s my contact lenses. Hold up.

Dracula: Gah! That is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen!

Jonathan: Almost got it.

Hotel Transylvania : Welcome!

Dracula: Welcome to Hotel Transylvania!