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How I Met Your Mother : Do Before You Turn 30!


Barney: Do it! Come on Ted, do it! It’s one of those things you have to do before you turn 30.
Ted: What? Sleep with a prostitute?
Barney: No, lose your virginity! What up!

How I Met Your Mother : Count Again!


Ted: Look, I shouldn’t go.
Marshall: You should definitely go, look, it’s a chance to show her you are still friends and that you support her.
Barney: Or it’s a chance to mess with her head by showing up with someone hotter, or even better, triple threat, hotter and bigger boobs!
Ted: That’s only two.
Barney: Count again!

How I Met Your Mother : How Do You Keep A Girl From Becoming Your Girlfriend?

Barney: How do you keep a girl from becoming your girlfriend? Simple: The rules for girls are the same as Gremlins. Rule number one: Never get them wet. In other words, don’t let her take a shower in your place. Rule number two: Keep them away from sunlight—i.e., don’t ever see them during the day. And rule number three: Never feed them after midnight. Meaning she doesn’t sleep over, and you don’t have breakfast with her, ever.
Ted: What about brunch? Is brunch cool?
Barney: No, Ted, brunch is not cool.

How I Met Your Mother : Do me

Trudy:I feel like doing somethin’ stupid.
Ted:I’m something stupid. Do me.