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A Good Day to Die Hard : I Still Ask Myself!


Jack : You go looking for trouble or does it always find you?
McClane : I still ask myself the same question.

A Good Day to Die Hard : This Guy Is Bad!


Jack : This guy is bad news. Terrorist, weapons-grade uranium, nukes. Someone’s got to stop him.

A Good Day to Die Hard : Me and My Boy Here!


McClane: Me and my boy here… we’re gonna put a whoopin’ on ya.

A Good Day to Die Hard : Mother’s Cooking!


Jack: Certain Death!

McClane: Like Your Mother’s Cooking!

A Good Day to Die Hard : What Is This A Pirate Gun?


McClane: What is this a pirate gun?

Jack: It’s old school man. You like it!

McClane: Oh, Yea. Right! Lets kill some scumbags!

A Good Day to Die Hard : You Don’t Look Like A Lawyer


Taxi Driver : American?

McClane : Yes, New York.

Taxi Driver : Are you a cop?

McClane : Yes. How do you know I’m a cop?

Taxi Driver : You Don’t Look Like A Lawyer!

A Good Day to Die Hard : Hate About Americans?


Do you know what I hate about Americans? Everything. Especially cowboys.