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ParaNorman : I’m A Freak!

Norman Babcock: Everyone in the real world thinks I’m a freak! But you know, maybe they’re right! Maybe I am a freak, but I never ask for your help! Just go!


Dark Shadows : Burn Baby Burn!

Angelique: Sleeping flame I summonly to your form, return. Make the night as bright as day and Burn, baby, burn…

Piranha 3DD : Do Something!

Water Park Patron : “People are dying! Do something!”
David Hasselhoff: “First of all, I’m not a lifeguard. Never was. Secondly, that was what natural selection’s all about.”

Piranha 3DD : Bring me my legs!

Bring me my legs.

Meeting Evil : All I Do!

All I do is kill people who are already dead.

The Moth Diaries : She Wants Someone

The vampire’s a very lonely figure. She wants someone to be all hers – forever.

The Moth Diaries : Prospect Of Death.

Don’t feel bad about your father. Some people find great joy in the prospect of death.