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Zero Dark Thirty : I’m Bad Fucking News!

Zero Dark Thirty

Dan: Can I be honest with you? …I’m bad fucking news… I’m not your friend. I’m not going to help you. I’m going to break you… any questions?

Zero Dark Thirty : You’re Going To Kill Him For Me

Zero Dark Thirty

Maya: Quite frankly, I didn’t even want to use you guys, with your dip and velcro and all your gear bullshit. I wanted to drop a bomb. But people didn’t believe in this lead enough to drop a bomb. So they’re using you guys as canaries. And, in theory, if bin Laden isn’t there, you can sneak away and no one will be the wiser. But bin Laden is there. And you’re going to kill him for me.

How I Met Your Mother : Is Boy The Right Word?


Barney: Dude, I can’t believe you cried in front of your boss.
Marshall: I don’t know what happened. There is just something about been yelled like that, like I was being spurred by my dad, suddenly…suddenly I was a little boy.
Robin: Is boy the right word?

How I Met Your Mother : Do Before You Turn 30!


Barney: Do it! Come on Ted, do it! It’s one of those things you have to do before you turn 30.
Ted: What? Sleep with a prostitute?
Barney: No, lose your virginity! What up!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall : Life Gives You Lemons!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Surfing Instructor: When life gives you lemons, just say ‘Fuck the lemons,’ and bail.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall : Deeply Upset Me!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Aldous Snow: I’ve heard women do fake orgasms, but I’ve never seen one. It really deeply upset me.

The Big Bang Theory : Letter In The Trash?


Leonard: Sheldon, why is this letter in the trash?
Sheldon: Well, there’s always the possibility that a trash can spontaneously formed around the letter, but Occam’s Razor would suggest that someone threw it out.