That’s My Boy : I Was Eight!

Todd Levine: You were basically the worst parent ever!
Donny Levine: I was awesome!
Todd Levine: You let me eat cake and lollipops for breakfast every day!
Donny Levine: That’s what you asked for!
Todd Levine: You’re supposed to say no!
Donny Levine: I didn’t know what I was doing! I was 13,14 years old!
Todd Levine: Do you know what I remember? Is me having to drive you home from the beach that time because you were too drunk!
Donny Levine: Somebody’s hammered, they have another guy drive home!
Todd Levine: I was eight!
Donny Levine: And you fuckin’ drove like a champ too. Huh?

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  1. this is hilarious thanks for posting

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