American Reunion : Be Her Daddy!

Steve Sifler: “There’s a smoking hot 18-year-old girl that you used to babysit. And you’re not going to do anything about that?”
Jim: “Need I remind you that I am married to Michelle?
Steve Sifler: “Exactly. Dude, you could take what you learn from Kara, bring it home and apply it to Michelle. You do care about your marriage, don’t you Jim?”
Jim: “What are you talking about Stifler? I’m not going to cheat on my wife! I’m a father.”
Steve Sifler: “Yeah, that’s perfect! Yeah, chicks love a father figure…keep playing that card.”
Jim: “It’s not a card, it’s the truth.”
Kara: “Hey. What are you guys talking about?”
Steve Stifler: “Oh, you know, just – Jim was just saying how much fun he had taking care of you. Hey ladies, why don’t we give them some time to catch up… “Be her daddy.”


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