The Smurfs : Oooooh…Google…

Patrick: “Okay, to review: You guys come from a magic forest where you live in oversized mushrooms.”
Papa Smurf: “Yes.”
Patrick: “You’re being chased by an evil wizard.”
Papa Smurf: “Yea.”
Patrick: “And you’re trapped in New York until there’s a blue moon.”
Papa Smurf: “Very good.”
Patrick: “And you like to use the extremely imprecise term ‘Smurf’ for just about everything.”
Brainy Smurf: “Smurf-xactly!”
Patrick: “And you’re all named after your personalities? Do you get your names when you’re born or after you’ve exhibited certain traits?”
Brainy Smurf: “Whoa, just what is this magic searching device?”
Patrick: “Right now I’m using Google.”
All Smurfs: (in unison) “Oooooh…Google…”


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